The World's Fastest Quadriplegic | The Amazing Inspirational Story of Callum Loveridge

Callum Loveridge was a talented Motocross and BMX rider, a real adrenaline junkie. In 2010 Callum's life changed forever. A fall from his BMX saw him break three bones in his spine and paralyzed him from the shoulders down. After years of hard rehabilitation Callum's unstoppable drive, determination and passion for racing led him to to the track once again. This is the story of how this incredible young man made it back to where he belongs; the start line. What an achievement by a truly amazing individual. Callum has to undergo extensive Physio and other forms of therapy to help keep him strong enough to race and there is always hope that research may one day help him to walk again. All of this is expensive and a huge burden on Callum and his family so any help is gratefully received. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help Callum with all the treatments and care to keep him racing. if you wish to support Callum in any way, check out these links... To find out more about Cal:

Vid Credit : 999Lazer