2018 | Supercross Preview Show: Episode 2, Contenders Wanted

With riders like Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard retired, the sport is on the lookout for new contenders in 2018. Episode 2 of the Racer X Preview Show for Monster Energy Supercross, presented by Pro Taper, LS2 Helmets, and New Ray Toys, dives deep into a set of talented riders with the speed to contend for race wins. Will they deliver them this year? Cooper Webb, Cole Seely, Dean Wilson, and Blake Baggett have shown flashes in the past; Justin Bogle and Broc Tickle move to new teams and new programs with high expectations; Weston Peick, Josh Grant, Justin Brayton, and Jake Weimer aren’t giving up in the quest for podiums. Show hosts Jason Weigandt, Steve Matthes, David Pingree, and Jason Thomas analyze the prospects of this entire group, including off-season scoops and secrets from the test tracks. Is it Seely’s year to grab multiple wins? Will a new Yamaha power help Webb deliver on his promise from the 250 days? Can Dean Wilson work with speed? It’s all covered in Episode 2 of the Racer X Preview Show for Monster Energy Supercross in 2018.

Vid Credit : Racer X