Kingud “Protect” Review

My reviews are an honest review of how I see the products, they are not biased, this may upset some people but I feel it’s only best to report what I find and give a completely honest review.

With the UK now fully into the winter period I feel like I’m washing bikes constantly, over last weekend I came across a product that looked extremely interesting and I handed over my cash to give it a try.

Kingud is a small business based in the Snowdonia national park, all of their products are fully biodegradable (apart from the plastic bottle I guess but they offer a refill system).

Anyway the product I picked up was their “protect” product, now chatting with the sales guys he said it was designed to reduce dirt / mud actually sticking to the bike and in their own words “This protective layer also makes washing your ride much easier – the silicon free mixture provides minimal grip for mud and road grime.” – Sounds ace!

So the product on review is the Kingud “Protect”;

Some info from the manufactures;

  • Covers imperfections and minor scratches
  • Repels water and adds a protective layer
  • Makes future washing much easier
  • NO white residue
  • Safe on paintwork, carbon fibre, metal and plastics
  • Gives a Kingud finish on matt, satin and gloss surfaces


The packaging is nice the bottle is a nice size and I like the pump action design although it doesn’t always return and can get a little frustrating when you’re trying to polish your pride & joy.


The application is a simple process and a small amount goes a long way, one thing that annoys me a little is the fact the bike/surface has to be dry, drying the bike is just another step that takes that little bit of extra time.


Once applied you allow to dry, once dried you buff. You can clearly see on the pic above the area that’s had “protect” applied to and the part that’s still needing some attention.

Covering the whole bike took about half hour from start to finish, the results are good and the bike has a nice shine to it.





Clean, sparkly bike.


So how did the product help out in the real world, well I have to honest and say it didn’t make a blind bit of difference, after racing the bike was just as dirty as the others so that was a little disappointing.



Just to note that cleaning the bike was also no different so overall I only gained the extra time of drying the bike over my normal cleaning routing.

Overall the product appears to be a nice polish but it’s expensive @ £8.99 for 150ml there are bike products on the market that are far cheaper and they disperse water so you don't need the drying process.

I would give the product 5 / 10, I like the fact its biodegradable, it leaves a nice residue-free shine its just a shame it doesn't do anything over that and its expensive.

Any feedback/comments, leave them below.